Why Urnex

Realizing the need to clean coffee equipment is a critical first step to improving your coffee experience at home. Find your type of machine at the bottom of the home page to discover what Urnex products to use in your home.

Each of our retail products is formulated specifically for home coffee equipment. Here are a few specific reasons why you should be using Urnex products:

  1. Odor: All products are odorless so that they don’t ever co-mingle with the aroma of coffee.
  2. Rinse: Products are all designed to rinse out of your machine quickly and safely.
  3. Certifications: Products have been tested and confirmed to be effective and in the case of Cleancaf® and Grindz™ compliant with organic standards.
  4. Non-Toxic: All products are non-toxic. In the case of
    Grindz™ all ingredients are edible.
  5. Proven: All of our products are repeatedly tested on a
    broad range of coffee equipment. We work closely with many
    well know machine manufacturers, allowing us to stay up to
    date on the most effective ways to maintain your equipment.
  6. Easy to Use: Our products are as easy to use as brewing a
    pot of coffee.
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